Koh Samed is a surprisingly interestingThai island, it’s ‘down-to earth’ in a nice way, reasonably priced, wonderful beaches and variety of activities to keep you occupied for several days.

Just 220 kms from Bangkok there are 2 main Ferry Terminals for the variety of boats that ply their way to and from the island. As always at Ferry buildings there are a myriad of people that will all help you park your car and obtain tickets. There are the larger, semi-regular ferries that cost THB.80 each way. There is a fast ferry from Ban Phe that costs THB.150 and takes…

I recently received an enquiry from a reader asking if it was possible to live/survive in Pattaya on THB.500,000 per year. The answer is basically yes, but the question is: Would this style of life satisfy you? THB.500,000 relates to THB.41,500 a month. Not a vast amount but let’s look at the costings.

Accommodation: One’s largest cost will be accommodation or lodging. Whilst there are simple rooms available from THB.3,000, these are exceedingly basic. …

Whilst no dates have been given it is imperative that Thailand looks to re-start it’s tourism business. This will be a long, hard road with vast challenges and changes ahead. We look at some tips and hints that may help small and medium sized Hospitality Businesses in Thailand, get ahead of the pack as the first guests appear.


These will be challenging times and do not expect the flow just to start again. Initially there will be very few foreign tourists due to flight limitations and proof of health, so your main initial target audience should be local Thai people and the foreigners living in Thailand, primarily Bangkok. There are a lot of people who have not been able to travel and a few days by the beach (when they open), will be the break that they need. …

What will be the ‘New Normal’ for travel?

Will anything, especially travel to Thailand, ever be the same again or are you looking at the “New Normal”?

As of 28 April 2020, more than three million people have contracted the CoronaVirus worldwide, sadly more than 210,000 have died, and almost 1 million have recovered. With the world population estimated at 7.8 billion and with no vaccination in sight, this means that there are 7,798,000,000 men women and children around our world who have not been infected.

As some societies slowly emerge from their various isolation scenarios, there are a lot of people who are extremely worried about contracting…

Pattaya, Thailand

“Time for Reflection — Time for Future Visions”; Pattaya Tourism 2020 and beyond

Time for Reflection — Time for Future Visions — Pattaya Tourism 2020 and beyond. We live in unprecedented times and never has the world had to react so drastically to safeguard its’ communities, and as we watch the hourly developments, optimism appears to be in short supply with a majority of the world’s population shutdown.

The situation in Thailand and particularly in Pattaya started at a very early stage. Chinese New Year was about to be celebrated with thousands of Chinese guests in Pattaya. No-one could believe…

Kim Waddoup

Four decades of entrepreneurship and experience in Tourism and Exhibitions in the UK, Austria and Russia. Now retired as a Blogger in Thailand!

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